Some families are not sure what to expect from a session. 
So here are some answers to some questions you may have!

How long is 
​a regular Family Session
I price them as 1 hour
​+ (depending also on the package you choose)​
. But honestly we usually go over that by 15 or 20 minutes. Basically if the 
 is really into it and we have not run out of cool options then we keep on going!

So where do we shoot the session?

Mostly up to you! Or if you have NO clue then I will give you options. Maybe you want more urban with cool rustic buildings and brick walls and city, like old fourth ward or midtown? Or maybe you would like a park. Like Piedmont Park or a one close to where you live. OR at your home, I'll always find the best place that will look the best!

​(3) ​What do we wear?
This is again totally up to you! Typically
​, (very semi-)dressy casual
 is just fine. Occasionally the couple want to wear 
​super casual or super-holiday-dressy, 
his is also totally fine. It’s really up to you :) Though try to avoid wearing a SOLID white shirt.
​  I'm NOT a fan of matchy-matchy...I believe it's great to color coordinate... just have a color palette/scheme of several colors and mix and match those! ​

When do we schedule the shoot?
This is done typically no later than 
​2-3 months ahead of time (especially for holiday/peak seasons.  I tend to book up months in advance, but I do have people moving around their sessions due to weather, or a child being sick, or travel, etc... so I usually have spots to fill in!  Note:
 I like to do the shoot several months or so before the wedding just so you have enough time to get any prints or albums made for the wedding.

​(5) ​
What do we do during the shoot?
Well if you are ready to have fun then really you just be yourselves. I will help get you guys into a good spot as far as light goes, 
​and give you direction and ideas, but ​I've learned t
he more spontaneous 
​(and fun) ​
the better :)

What if I don’t like cameras and I’m shy?
Two things. First I will help you along and it really is fun. And by the time it’s over you will wonder why you were so nervous in the first place. Happens EVERY time. Also a beer beforehand never hurts ;)

I want my photos to be fun and different.

PERFECT! Me too... so one thing I like to do is try to make up stuff as we go or seize any and all opportunities. Let’s say we
​'re by a lake... then let's get our feet wet! 
Great for 
​candid ​
 Sometimes we may try something that’s a huge fail…that happens…but it’s those funny fails that lead to good photos of laughing and finding a new idea.

How many locations do we get?
How many can we get to in roughly an hour? This depends on where we are. If we are in the city… time is the only thing stopping us.. if we are at an oasis in the desert. Then well… we are pretty limited. But it comes down to the package you select and how much time is included.

How long will it take you to edit the photos and send them to us?
Typically 2
 weeks, depending on the season. If you need them rushed, I can give you some options.

Who will be there, and what do you bring?
shoots are VERY low key. Otherwise it would take too long for each shot and too many eyes on you guys. So it is usually just me (or maybe an assistant I am training.) With one camera with 1 or 2 lenses
​, maybe a reflector/light diffuser​
. That’s about it!  
​BUT... If we're shooting a Newborn Session, that's a whole other story, I have LOTS of goodies, props, blankets, hats, etc, a mini studio to bring directly to you also!​

What if the weather is bad on our set date?
No problem! We will just reschedule and check 
weather.com to make sure we are all good.

Is there a better time of day?
I prefer late afternoon. Cooler in the summer, and I love the slight orange hue to the lighting. Makes for fantastic images. But this is also up to you and your schedule.
​ I am a master editor and can work a LOT of magic in photoshop... I'd like to think I can make any ugly day look gorgeous :))  
) Why is
​ newborn/children/family​
 photography so expensive?
I assure you that I totally understand that budgeting for photography, especially right before or after the holidays, is difficult to justify. Just to give a little background & explain the pricing... my business has (thankfully:) flourished to such a degree that I had to raise my prices to reflect changes in supply & demand (tho it was SO hard for me to do so).  I put an abundance of (extra) time/work into my full portrait sessions, which usually far supersedes the norm.  I don't believe I've ever spent less than 10-12 hours on a family portrait session & personalized/artistic edited images (which equates to approx. $30-35 an hour, crazy but I ❤️ it :))  I do make sure every penny is well spent & an investment for memories that last a lifetime!  
​ ​