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Pricing is very simple and all inclusive.  All albums include custom design, printing and binding.
High Quality Papers * Flush Mount * Cloth, Debossed and Image Wrap Covers *
Faux Leather, Real Leather and Linen Keepsake/Presentation Boxes
See summary price sheet below. Click on image 
for page 2 with more details, sizes & price options.

If you already have images from your wedding or other special event  ~
design only options are available!

MSA_SignatureAlbumMSA_SignatureAlbum Family_AccordianBooksFamily_AccordianBooks Wedding_ImageFoliosWedding_ImageFolios Wedding_LayflatBookWedding_LayflatBook Wedding_PrintWrapWedding_PrintWrap

 SIZES & INVESTMENTClick & see page 2 for more detailed information re: sizes/prices options